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Institutional Development

Under its current Strategic direction, ATAG’s organizational structure has been reviewed to enhance its work in a more sustainable manner and to limit its reliance on donor support for the future. This organizational design is based on the assumption that ATAG remains primarily an NGO but explores opportunities for income generation without sacrificing its original mandate.

ATAG is consistently seeking new avenues to offer development assistance to the Craft Industry, as well as being able to operate income generating activities so as to support its development work in a sustainable operational manner.

 ATAG holds the view that its original mission and motives for supporting the Craft Industry are still relevant and essential for the ongoing well-being and sustainability of this vital source of income generation in Ghana.  ATAG also believes that it has the potential and capacity to operate the craft shops, the design and casting services, and the export services as viable commercial entities capable of generating enough profits to support its developmental agenda.