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Accra: Trade Fair shop and Gallery:

The Trade fair shop is a one-stop shop where all your handicraft needs can be met. A wide range of craft items are on display at the  shop and gallery…from furniture (indoor and outdoor) to interior decorations and gift items to souvenir pieces. The items are mostly unique pieces having been developed by ATAG with a producer…that being the exact reason for the running of the shop, that is, to serve as an outlet for the marketing and sale of the items developed with the trainees during a Product Development Workshop.

Also on display are fashion and fashion accessory items for all ages. The shop also affords buyers and visitors the opportunity to meet producers and have items made to their taste and specifications. Some items on display are often shown to international/foreign buyers representing chain of stores (eg Homegoods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls from the USA; Katmandu etc.) for exports orders to be made on behalf of the producers.

Artist Alliance Outlet:

ATAG has an outlet within the Artist Alliance Gallery, Omanye House, which is situated at the beach at La. This outlet showcases unique craft items developed from training workshops with various craftsmen and artists. Furniture items and artefacts for interior decorations are the major items on display in this shop which is patronized mostly by the expatriate community and locals who want to have a feel of authentic Ghanaian crafts in their homes.

Elmina Castle shop:

Any visitor to the Elmina Castle must necessarily pass through the ATAG shop located within the castle premises, or the visit is incomplete. There is always something to carry away with you once you enter the ATAG shop. Thev shop specializes in gift and souvenir items that forever makes a visit to the castle memorable. Craft items to the shop reflect mostly on the rich Ghanaian culture and values. The items are mostly light weight and easy to carry…much as they are affordable and attractive to own. From key holders, miniature masks, casual African wears to literature on Kente, Adinkra and Ghana, as a gateway to Africa.

Kakum Park Shop:

ATAG’s shop at the Kakum  Park is well-known for its gift and souvenir items for the visitors and tourists who thronged the place to ‘conquer’ the walkway. A collaborative drive between ATAG and the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust, the shop was meant to provide an alternative source of income for the many craftsmen within the Central region. Thus creating income earning opportunities for the locals, the shop displays items made by these locals. “Easy–to-pick” gift items and very peculiar one of a kind stuff is what you will find in the shop. Colourful African fabric garments and the “asaasa” cloths are also on display. All items on display are hotstuff…very catchy stuff…so once you buy 1…buy 3 more.

Gambrah; Kumasi Shop and Gallery:

Situated within the Cultural center in Kumasi (Centre for National Culture), the ATAG shop is known as the Gambrah Craft shop and Gallery. Get a wide range of paintings (oil, acrylic and water colour washes) from seasoned local painters. The genre of paintings cover all aspects of Ghanaian culture and you will be amazed by what you can learn from these works of art. The craft shop itself has all forms of artefacts….from beaded products to fabric and wood. The diversity of wood works and artefacts is what the ATAG shop showcases. Visitors to the Cultural centre have always asked for the shop where quality and uniqueness combine to give you the best in Ghanaian art and craft. And surprisingly, all the items are competitively priced

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