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Any visitor to the Elmina Castle must necessarily pass through the ATAG shop located within the castle premises, or the visit is incomplete. There is always something to carry away with you once you enter the ATAG shop. Thev shop specializes in gift and souvenir items that forever makes a visit to the castle memorable. Craft items to the shop reflect mostly on the rich Ghanaian culture and values. The items are mostly light weight and easy to carry…much as they are affordable and attractive to own. From key holders, miniature masks, casual African wears to literature on Kente, Adinkra and Ghana, as a gateway to Africa.

The Elmina castle presents a unique place to bridge the colonial and post colonial era of Ghana. It has always been an atmosphere of soberness for tourist (who frequently visit the Castle) as well as students of history.


The ATAG shop is located in the castle and has a wide range of historic products for tourist and visitors to carry as memorabilia or gifts for loved ones to share their experience. Products come in the range of books, greeting cards, T- shirts, wall hangers etc.