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ATAG provides its interventions in a “holistic” manner. Every intervention is preceded by a thorough needs assessment, which gives us comprehensive information about the kind of intervention to be provided.

Depending on our feedback, our intervention could be targeted at a group in a community or individual artisans / companies. The intervention can take the form of hands-on or lecture form and can be either group work focus or on a one-on-one basis. ATAG either reaches out to the artisans depending on a perceived need within the craft industry or the artisans on the other hand also call on ATAG for assistance.

One form of intervention incorporates training in specific subject areas such as product design or costing and pricing or market development and marketing. The other form of intervention could incorporate training in all the afore-mentioned: the provision of working sheds; tools and equipment etc. under one single project. In both ways ATAG ensures that beneficiaries are left with a legacy of knowledge and structures that they can work with productively.